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Horse and Rider Los Angeles Opening

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  • Art encounter opens at Caesars Forum Shops
    Old Masters meet Modern Masters at Art encounter's newest retail location. See works by Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and more!

  • Leonardo da Vinci's "Horse and Rider"
    Art encounter is now the worldwide distributor for Leonardo da Vinci's "Horse and Rider", bronze cast from a wax model from the hand of Leonardo himself.

  • Fine Art
    Showcasing several local, national and international artists. From Jennifer Main to Loppo Martinez, Juergen Aldag, Vance Larson and Paul Tapia...We are Las Vegas' #1 stop for all your art needs. We carry originals that utilize several different mediums and styles, giclees, fine art prints and more.

  • Custom Framing
    Our award-winning custom framing department uses the most state of the art materials and technology needed to preserve any type of art. From Picasso, Miro and Chagall to sports memorabilia and children's art, we do it all!

  • Art Appraisal Services
    Whether you are simply curious about the value of a piece of art in your collection or have a specific intended use for valuation or consultation expertise, Art encounter can help.  

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